Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

cupidValentine’s Day is one of those holidays where creativity prevails. But that doesn’t mean you’re limited to gifts that are syrupy or lovey –dovey. For the people you love – your partner, children and even a few close friends – give something cute and clever for February 14th, just to show you’re thinking of them.

Traditional, with a Twist

Flowers, candy, stuffed animals and perfume or cologne are always options for Valentine’s Day. However, if you choose to go with one of these traditional gifts, put a personal spin on them. A basket of handpicked goodies – including candy or cookies imprinted with messages you choose – is more meaningful. (And, depending on your relationship with the recipient, maybe even a little naughty.) Gift the chocoholic in your life with a bag or jar filled with 365 chocolate candy kisses. Include a note saying, “A year’s worth of kisses for you.”


Build a stuffed animal for your loved one at a specialty shop – typically located in shopping mall – instead of a generic animal. You can customize a stuffed bear, or whatever animal you choose, with an outfit that matches the interests or personality of the recipient. For a basketball fan, dress the animal in a basketball uniform; for a martial – arts enthusiast, build a black-belt bear. Some build-your-own animal shops even have devices you can record a message on and insert into the animal.

T-shirts, ties, boxers or coffee mugs can all be personalized, or deliver a message. Find one with a cute animal, such as puppies, kittens, elephants or monkeys, surrounded by hearts and a loving or witty phrase. For example, a puppy design may say, “I love you.” A monkey design could be paired with the phrase, “I’m bananas for you.”


Try your hand at poetry or song writing. Write the words with gel pens or calligraphy pens, and decorate the paper with hearts. Women can don red or pink lipstick and add kisses to the paper.

Make a card yourself, with a message inside recalling a happy memory or joke meaningful to the two of you, instead of using generic, store-bought cards.

Send her a message in a bottle, handwritten of course. This is especially cute if you can’t spend the day together. You can choose the typical sand and seashells or fill the bottle with rose petals and candy instead.


Draw or paint a picture representing your feelings if you have artistic talent. Build a bouquet of balloons that look like flowers or spell out a message. Make gel candles for her with little charms inside – Cupid, hearts or a rose bud. Or, put together a bath basket for two including candles, soaps and bubbles.


Present your Valentine’s Day gifts in a cute and creative way. Send your lover or kids on a scavenger hunt around the house or yard using a list of rhyming hints or one word clues. For example, the word “shampoo” might lead him to the bathroom where he finds a small gift, such as cologne, and another hint. That hint may contain a word such as “spoons” to send him to the kitchen. There, he might find homemade cookies with another clue or maybe you’ll be waiting with a kiss.

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Valentine Quiz

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Valentine Sweets to the Sweet

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Saying I love You on Valentine’s Day

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