Valentine’s Day Wedding

valentines-day-weddingValentine’s Day and romance go hand in hand. One is synonymous with the other. There just couldn’t be a more romantic day for a wedding than Valentine’s Day. If you have chosen Valentine’s Day as your wedding day, you are a hopeless romantic and I hope you never recover. True love and real romance are two commodities that are in short supply on planet earth.

Choosing a venue for your romantic Valentine’s Day wedding will be an adventure unto itself. You might choose a location that provides a feeling of intimacy. If you choose a place with a lot of nooks and crannies where private moments can be exchanged, your guests might rekindle the embers of their own romance. There isn’t anything more romantic that a real fire burning in a real fireplace and candle light. Think about a romantic country inn or an off-the-beaten-path bed and breakfast as romantic locations for your Valentine wedding.

Or maybe you would really like to go for the exotic! A fairy tale wedding in a real castle would certainly fill the bill as ‘romantic. You might consider a gracious old mansion as your Valentine wedding venue.

Red and white are the obvious choices of a color theme but you aren’t stuck with just those choices. You can choose any color scheme that appeals to you and just use hearts, flowers and touches of red to convey the Valentine theme in whatever venue you choose.

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers and Valentine’s Day is the most perfect of all wedding days!

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